About the Passport

Passport: Guide to NYC

The Passport is Fordham University’s award winning alcohol and other drug free guide to experiencing New York City.  Each year, first year students receive the Passport during New Student Orientation or during First Year Resident Core Programming.  Over the course of the academic year, Peer Educators plan trips, which all students can attend, to popular locations listed in the booklet.

Now in it’s Eleventh Edition, the Passport contains listings of New York City sights, shopping, dining, and entertainment.  Unique to the booklet is a rating system that rates each listing by the most common reasons why students decide to consume alcohol (as measured by the Core Alcohol and Drug Survey). Students from each campus provide the ratings and comments about their favorite locations.

In addition to off campus listings, the Passport also includes information on services provided by Campus Ministry, the Community Service Program and Counseling and Psychological Services.

If you are interested in learning more about the Passport or receiving a free copy (while supplies last), please contact us at passport@fordham.edu.

Passport: The Blog

The Peer Educators Passport Committee created this blog in order to provide an interactive medium for students to review and talk about all the great alcohol and drug free things there are to do in New York City – both those included in this year’s Passport and those we didn’t have space to include. All entries are written by Fordham students for Fordham students.

If you are interested in reviewing someplace you’ve been for the Passport blog, please email passport@fordham.edu with your entry!


Passport entries are rated by five categories, based on survey results that state the top five reasons students at Fordham choose to drink. The categories are:

Wallet: measures the price
(SCALE: $=0-15, $$=15-30, $$$=30-40, $$$$=40-50, $$$$$=50+)

Romance: measures the opportunity to get closer with that special someone
Friendship: measures the level of bonding with friends
Relaxation: measures the restfulness of the activity
Eclectic: measures the uniqueness of the activity


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